Nexme make an offer
Nexme make an offer

By Nexme on April 5, 2020

Why Make an Offer?

At nexme, our goal is to make the homebuying and selling process easy. Everything we think about and do is focused on making sure homebuyers and sellers can have a seamless experience.

Are you relocating to a new city and haven’t had the time to search for a home in person or to find a local realtor? Most people don’t know anyone in the new city they’re moving to, and don’t have time to build a relationship with a realtor, nor do they need to. Nexme vets realtors so homebuyers don’t have to.

Are you an investor who would like to place an offer on a prospective property without having to spend time and money on airfare, rental cars and finding an agent to present your offer? If you have conducted your own online search for your home and feel empowered to make a decision right away, our platform enables you to immediately Make an Offer. By clicking on Make an Offer, we will connect you with the nearest agent to your selected property.

Here’s how it works:

Here's how it works:

  1. Select a home

  2. Click on Make an Offer

  3. Enter the offer details

  4. Click place your Offer. You’re done!

A local nexme agent partner will connect with you right away and work with you to submit a formal offer to the seller and represent you. Even better, you get 50% commission rebate back. (Legal disclaimer: this is not legally binding). Come check it out and let us know what you think!