Buyers & Sellers: Frequently Asked Questions


Will an agent really respond to my request within 60 seconds?

Yes! We know your time is valuable, and we aim to reduce the time to buy and sell. Our agents are committed to responding to your request within 60 seconds. As a homebuyer, you can see the home in minutes. As a seller, you can have an agent come to your house within minutes.


How do I communicate with the agent?

Once an agent has accepted your request, you can communicate via text/call.


Can I request an agent 24 hours a day/7 days a week?

Due to MLS keybox requirements, homebuyers can only request an agent during these times:


Summer hours: 8AM to 10PM

Winter hours: 7AM to 9PM


Where do you get your data?

We get our data directly from MLS, and refresh our data every 15 minutes to ensure we have the most up to date information.


Why do other large home listing websites have more listings than you do?

Those sites may look like they have much more data but only because they often have inaccurate and old data. We refresh our data every 8-15 minutes so you have the most current active listings in the market.


Am I paying for this service?

No, our service is free for homebuyers and sellers.


Does NEXME take any commission?

No, we do not take commission. Our NEXME agent partners are committed to taking only 1% for listing commission fee and 1% for buying commission fee. The remaining 4% is cost savings for the seller! We hope sellers will look to negotiate with their buyers for closing costs, lower the interest rate, etc.


Who are NEXME agent partners?

NEXME agent partners are licensed, professional real estate agents who are registered with some of the top nationwide firms in the country. They are experienced and professional agents who look to deliver superior customer service.


Once I request an agent, do I need to commit to that agent?

If you’re happy with the service you’ve gotten, of course! But if you’re not happy, please request an agent again, until you find the right one you’re comfortable with. We do appreciate your agent feedback, please feel free to email us:




Where can I update my billing information?

Your billing information can be updated right within the NEXME app. Just go to your payments tab and update as needed.


I’m already registered with a firm; do I need to sign a contract with you?

No, we do not require any contracts. Once you sign up for our subscription service, you can make yourself available at any time. We are a lead generation platform that will deliver qualified leads to you.


Why am I required to take 1% commission fee?

The industry is changing and consumers are smarter than ever. We’re looking to meet the needs of homebuyers and sellers, while meeting out agent partners’ needs as well. We are committed to doing the upfront work for you, so that you can have a qualified lead, not just an impression.


Can we take more than 1% commission fee?

No. Per the terms and conditions you commit to when you sign up with NEXME, you cannot take more than 1% commission fee. We ask all our homebuyers and sellers to notify us of any misbehavior.


What if I show up at a property that’s not vacant and can’t see the property, what do I do?

Please meet the homebuyer at the property and schedule something with them. That homebuyer is a lead and as such, you should be courteous and professional.


If you have received an email indicating that your payment did not go through, please update your billing information within the payment section of the NEXME mobile app. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us at: